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The mission of the Lake County Office of Emergency Management (LCOEM) is to coordinate the all-hazards protection, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery for natural, technological or man made local emergencies and disasters; and assists with regional, state, and Federal emergencies and disasters as required.

​LCOEM plans, manages, and coordinates the administration, organization, and operation of the County Emergency Preparedness Program.


LCOEM participates in professional training and provides technical assistance in public awareness and informational services and conducts and/or coordinates emergency preparedness exercises to facilitate proper response during an emergency or disaster.


Regardless of the type of hazard, it is the responsibility of emergency management to help put in place mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery programs to deal with all hazards.

LCOEM Mission

The goal and objectives of the Lake County Office of Emergency Management program are to protect public health and safety and preserve public and private property across Lake County, Colorado. LCOEM follows the emergency response continuum to prepare for and manage all-hazards incidents. 

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PREPAREDNESS activities ready the community for an emergency (including planning, training, and exercising).


RESPONSE follows a disaster or incident, prompting actions that help protect lives and property during a disaster.

RECOVERY efforts are how we rebound after a disaster.

MITIGATION projects reduce future risks from hazards – these may be put in place before or after a disaster, but they are always intended to improve conditions before the next event.

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